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Medium-term rental management

Generate an income from your second home in Paris

An effective alternative solution

Do you have an apartment in Paris, but are reluctant to rent it for as long as a year, because you want to enjoy it yourself from time to time or make it available to friends and family?

Medium-term rental is the solution you need.


Tailored personally to your needs and preferences


Finding the right solution to fit your situation

Concierge service

All the advantages of a property management service


Why opt for mid-term rentals?

A legal alternative to generate rental income from your apartment when you aren’t using it

You can rent your apartment for periods of 1 month or more. The legislation is clear, Host In Paris understands it in great detail, and our staff are specially trained to advise you on your best options.
Véronique Gonnet

Fondatrice de Host in Paris

Benefit from a premium selection of tenants

90% of Host In Paris tenants come to Paris to work or study:

  • Business secondments,​
  • University and graduate school academics,​
  • Specialist training courses…​

Since the apartment is not your main residence, the risk of illegal occupation at the end of the rental period is contained. It also insures payment of the rent and more respect for the property from the tenants.

Véronique Gonnet

Fondatrice de Host in Paris

A flexible solution that gives you full control over your rental schedule.

Host In Paris offers a flexible rental management service. You retain full control over the availability of your apartment. You remain free to book as much time as you need for yourself or your family and friends! The point is to make sure you can enjoy your second home whenever you want to.

Your trips have never been so profitable.

Véronique Gonnet

Fondatrice de Host in Paris

An occupied apartment is a better-maintained apartment.

Leaving your apartment empty is not always the best solution, due to the increased risk of burglary and/or damage.

At Host In Paris, we make sure that your apartment is rented for as long as possible when you don’t need to use it.

Véronique Gonnet

Fondatrice de Host in Paris


An all-in-one property management solution

Host In Paris is involved at every stage of the process, from client contract signature through tenant check-in inventory to operational property management. We are the single point of contact for both tenants and owners.
Step 1

Electronic contract signature

Step 1
Step 2

Meeting tenants

and taking their deposit.
Step 2
Step 3

Conducting the check-in

…inventory of fixtures and fittings
Step 3
Step 4

Paying the apartment owner

Step 4
Step 5

Ongoing rental management throughout

Step 5
Step 6

Conducting the check-out

…inventory of fixtures and fittings, and cleaning the apartment
Step 6

What is the fee structure of our mid-term rentals management service?

1 to 3 months (inclusive)
20% + VAT

of one month’s rent.

4 to 5 months (inclusive)
50% + VAT
of one month’s rent.
6 to 8 months (inclusive)
70% + VAT
of one month’s rent.

9 months and longer

100% + VAT

of one month’s rent.

Any renewal of the lease will attract payment of the corresponding agency fees.

French legislation governing medium-term furnished rentals

Medium-term rental offers an alternative to traditional long-term leasing for owners wishing to offer their Parisian second home to potential tenants. Two types of leases are available: the bail civil (commercial lease) and the bail mobilité (mobility lease).

The commercial lease is not subject to rent control measures but comes with a minimum period of 3 months. It is also known as a ‘common law’ lease and excludes any form of rent cap or control. In most cases, Host In Paris recommends and uses the mobility lease option.


Why does Host In Paris opt for the mobility lease?

  • Rental periods from 1 to 10 months,​
  • Tailored to the needs of clients on the move: professionals on business secondment, students, etc.​
  • The apartment remains the second home of the tenant,​
  • The rent is subject to rent control measures,​
  • As tax-advantageous as a traditional furnished rental: tax deductible at 50% or 30%, depending on the option selected,​
  • Subject to CSG and CRDS social security deductions (17.2% of taxable income).​

Our owners tell you about the quality of our property management service


We comply with all current regulations, which means that:

  • for long-term furnished rentals, we take a deposit equivalent to 2 month’s rent (exc. charges)
  • for long-term unfurnished rentals, we take a deposit equivalent to 1 month’s rent (exc. charges)
  • for medium-term rentals, we take a deposit equivalent to 25% of 1 month’s rent (exc. charges)
  • for short-term rentals, we take a deposit equivalent to 25% of the total rent for the let (exc. charges)

Yes, we sign contracts with all tenants.

  • for long-term rentals, we sign a tacitly renewable furnished or unfurnished lease for periods between 1 and 3 years respectively
  • for medium-term rentals, we sign a mobility lease (minimum 1 month/maximum 10 months) or a second home lease
  • for short-term rentals, we sign a seasonal rental lease

Host in Paris has been in business for 10 years now, so a significant proportion of our tenants are regular clients.

We also work with selected partner intermediaries, including Plumguide, Homelike and Wunderflat.