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19 November 2019 by Florence

Host in Paris - History of the agency

Véronique Gonnet

Fondatrice de Host in Paris

I’m Véronique and I’m the founder of Host In Paris. For nearly 10 years now, I’ve been providing owners of properties in Paris with advice and assistance. My clients are all individuals with different requirements and circumstances, so I make it my mission to offer them the most profitable and flexible renting solution for their needs and preferences.

I have a very personal understanding of how difficult it can be to find a great apartment in another country. I had the opportunity to study and work abroad. I’ve spent time mostly in Spain and in the USA, in New York. I vividly remember the stress that came with visiting or discovering an apartment that had little resemblance to the photographs in the ad, or finding a promising apartment that turned out to be in the most undesirable neighbourhood imaginable.

On returning to Paris from the last of these experiences, I had the idea of setting up an agency that would make the hunt for the right apartment easier and less stressful for international clients. What better way to do so than with an agency that shared an Anglo-Saxon work ethic, interested only in taking care of apartments in the best way possible for owners and tenants?

Host In Paris welcomed its first clients in 2012! Originally specializing in seasonal renting, Host In Paris has since expanded its range of services to include medium- and long-term lets. We’re now able to offer a comprehensive service to property owners, whether they want to rent on a seasonal basis or opt for a medium- or long-term rental. 

What I love about providing a rental service in Paris

The diversity of the job!

Managing an agency like Host In Paris is all-encompassing. It’s also extremely fulfilling in terms of the people we meet; not only the owners who entrust us with their properties, but also their tenants who visit Paris. They come from all over the world, although the majority are from North America, Europe, and Australia.

In terms of operations,

…I work very closely with my concierge teams to ensure that we can respond as quickly as possible to any issues affecting our tenants. So there’s a lot of forward planning and scheduling involved.

The relationships

Lastly, mine is a genuinely people-focused job in the sense of the relationships we have with owners and tenants. Our relationships with property owners demand a great deal of trust on their part since they are giving us responsibility for the keys to their apartments. But the same trust-based relationship exists with tenants who commit themselves remotely to renting one of the apartments we offer.

Chat things through with a trusted professional who will really listen to your needs

Why should you use Host In Paris?

When I founded Host In Paris, it was one of the first agencies to offer a comprehensive short-term rental management service. Today, I still know every apartment in detail, so I can answer any questions tenants may have, from the type of heating to the number of windows they can find in the apartment.

At Host In Paris, we manage every stage of the rental process, from finding tenants to managing all aspects of the rental. We take care of tenant check-in and check-out, cleaning, laundry, and tenant insurance (for tenancies of less than 6 months). Our ultimate goal is to avoid disturbing owners at any point during the rental period. 

How do I see the future of Host In Paris?

We are moving faster and faster towards a more digital world, but as we do so, we refuse to compromise on close human relationships, from welcoming tenants in person to supervising and maintaining the apartments in our care.

We have been working for several years now with our partner Docusign so that we can use electronic signatures to streamline the booking process. We also plan to introduce 3D tour imagery so that our clients and tenants have an even more accurate view of the apartments we manage. The tide of new innovations across the world of real estate is taking service to a new level, and increasing the level of trust placed in agents, all of which is giving us lots of new ideas for new projects!

If you have a property for rent or are looking to rent a property and would like to discuss your needs with a professional who really listens, please call us directly or make an online appointment to chat.