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Short-term rental

Rent your apartment in Paris for the holidays

Generate income in your absence through seasonal rentals in Paris

Do you own your main residence in Paris? Would you like to rent it out to visitors for short periods of time when you go on vacation?
Host In Paris offers a comprehensive seasonal rental management service.

Seasonal rental is the solution you’ve been looking for.

3 reasons why Host In Paris is the best solution for managing your furnished apartment in Paris


Why should you consider short-term rental for your apartment?

To monetize your apartment whenever you don’t need it (and ensure full compliance with French law).

If you’re away from home for several weeks of the year, you are legally entitled to rent out your main residence for up to 120 days per year as a seasonal rental. Your apartment is then rented to leisure or business visitors to the capital, rather than remaining unoccupied.

Véronique Gonnet

Fondatrice de Host in Paris

An occupied apartment is an apartment that’s being looked after and is less likely to be a target for burglars

Seasonal or short-term rentals reduce your risk of burglary and associated damage to your furnished apartment.

At Host In Paris, we make sure that your property is rented for as long as possible when you don’t need to use it.

Véronique Gonnet

Fondatrice de Host in Paris

You benefit from the tax efficiency of the furnished rental model

The French tax system offers some generous tax breaks for owners renting their furnished homes.

The micro-BIC scheme reduces the tax liability on such rental income by 50%.

Véronique Gonnet

Fondatrice de Host in Paris


Host In Paris short-term rental management service

What does our seasonal rental management service look like for you?

This is a premium service for you and your tenant.
Your tenants are welcomed in your apartment with the utmost care


The apartment is prepared with great care, from bed linen to towels, bathroom goods and even Nespresso capsules.


All tenants receive a welcome booklet packed with helpful practical information about the apartment and neighborhood.


You receive payment within 2 or 3 days of your tenants’ arrival.

We take payment of the rent and deposit at key handover. So you never have to worry about unpaid bills.


We are the first contact of your seasonal tenants.

Our teams are on hand from 8am to 7pm Monday through Saturday to help with any kind of emergency


You can come home relaxed, to a clean and welcoming apartment.


We make sure your apartment is always available for you when you want it.


A rental payment guarantee

The rent and deposit are paid when the keys are handed over. There are therefore no outstanding payments.

Host In Paris is the first contact of your seasonal tenants

The only time we’ll ever disturb you is if there’s a problem with your apartment, a water leak, for example.

From the moment they arrive until the moment they leave, your tenants have a direct point of contact at Host In Paris.

We make sure your apartment is always available for you when you want it

You choose when you want your apartment to be available for rental. Host In Paris will never accept a booking without confirming availability with you.

What is the fee structure of our vacation rental management service?

For a one-week rental
30% + VAT
of the owner’s net rent for any one-week rental.
For rentals of between 2 and 3 week
25% + VAT
of the owner’s rent
For rentals of one month or more
20% + VAT
of the owner’s net rent

Legal provisions governing seasonal rentals in Paris

  • Owners may rent their main residence up to 120 days per year​,
  • The resulting income must be specifically declared as BIC (Industrial & Commercial Profits) using the Cerfa 2042C Pro tax return form​,
  • The fact of renting your home must be declared to the Mairie de Paris, which will then issue a registration number. This number must then be shown in any advertising of your rental​.

Need more information about short-term rentals? Host In Paris explains how to rent your Paris apartment.


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FAQ pour la location courte durée

Comme pour les locataires, vous avez la possibilité d’annuler la location jusqu’à un mois avant la date de début, sans frais.

S’il annule un mois avant la date d’entrée dans les lieux, il n’y a pas de pénalité.

En revanche, s’il annule à moins de 1 mois du début de la location alors nous gardons le montant de l’acompte et vous le reversons, déduction faites de nos honoraires.

Non, vous avez la possibilité de travailler avec une autre agence si vous le souhaitez